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Talent recruitment

professional Manager
3 male or female
If you are confident can hold up, as well as spread the vision of high-end brand, and has a wealth of organizational skills, as well as a steady stream of marketing techniques, the spread of vision will sincerely look forward to your joining. We will take the best of treatment as well. (5 year experience in Studio management are preferred)

4-6 male or female
Marketing Department/personnel management/Marketing Director/late make-up supervisor/manager/facilities Manager 1 if you are the elite of the above departments, and has rich organization and coordination ability, can be spread between the various Visual well managed, we will sincerely invite you to join and will be the most generous treatment as well. (3 year experience in Studio management are preferred)

Administrative Manager,
3 women aged 20-30 years
Careful and thoughtful, friendly and courteous, flexible, and fast typing speed!

4-6 male or female
Expression = soul! Confidence in yourself to maintain your tenacity and passion for photography, and adhere to the creative not only grasp the beauty of form, but more importantly explore the beauty of connotation of the subject, with a wedding experience is a plus.

Digital Designer
4-6 male or female
Art major, sensitive to color, with strong ability to take advantage of fashion design, understand the picture later is preferred!


Insights on fashion, trends, skilled use of color, outfits, can do for the customer detailed overall image design! Considerable design experience is a plus!

camera Assistant
4-6 men
Careful and thoughtful, quick and easy to tie, photographers want to want. With considerable experience is preferred.

Selection Advisory
Cheerful, experience preferred.

dress Division
1, good temperament, help customers select the right tuxedo rental and sales.
2, patient and a good attitude, aesthetic sense, clothing sales techniques is a plus.
3, simple sewing, honest, warm and generous, aged 20 years or more.


Assistant Manager \ \ photographer photography

1) applicants please prepare your resume (photographer provided works) corresponds to the send contacts window, information as detailed as possible, screening personnel and then make an appointment for an interview, please do not come to an interview.
2) resume, in 1-2 if they do not receive a response within weeks, may the end of the round, if needed, can wait for the next round of hiring.
3) because of the various candidates, if you need your resume/work package, be sure to change the file name (name + position) format, to avoid confusion.

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