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Wedding Photography Studio to teach you maintenance photo frame

New people after a good photo for wedding photography studio, will get a nice frame, for holding your beautiful wedding photos, wedding photo albums and picture frames are designed to be very attractive, you can in read memory every now and then a warm moment. But nice wedding photo album photo frame is not an easy task, if you don't know how to maintain the album and zoom photos, then listen to wedding photography studio is how to say it.
First, the preservation and maintenance of the album
1. the album placed above the drawer should be dried flat, not easy to put in the bottom of the drawer, damp proof, extrusion.
2. after album for my home, avoid sun exposure or in a damp place, you can also put some desiccant in a photo album or tobacco.
3. If albums were wet, please dry with a cloth, such as dirt is available soft wipe of a damp towel wring.
4. look at the album when they happened so album surface wear, such as being wet, please dry with a cloth, such as dirt is available soft wipe of a damp towel wring.
5. cardboard or plastic material of items save improper on easy deformation, if you of album appeared deformation situation, first to put album flat put good, with some weights (like heavy of books) pressure in album above, had paragraph time on will recovery has, then again carefully check, whether store album of place too tide or Sun irradiation, whether no flat put, if yes, will good note maintenance method has.
Second, maintenance of oil painting frame
1. gently, careful not to bruise.
2. Crystal extra cotton wrap should use their own home, so as not to scratch.
3. the oil painting hangs in the box location cannot be direct solar radiation or moisture.
4. oil painting can hang on the wall, but can also be placed on an easel, and will look more unique.
5. oil painting dust or dirt on the surface, simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth wrung. Border due to wood, you cannot wipe using a damp BUPA.
Third, hanging photo frame safely
1. glass photo frames, must pay attention to security when placed. especially in the wedding day more than more than a, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.
2. hang taking oil paintings, Crystal and other large box, be sure to pay attention to safety, when two large pendant hanging, preferably with expansion screws into the wall, and then hung up take. Crystals hang heavy objects, such as better not placed in her bed, which is his pillow top, can be placed on the left or on the wall opposite the wall. Bedside light paintings or oil paintings can be placed, or mascot. After you hang up, preferably at the bottom of the photo position in the nail two nails on the walls hold photos, photo is too heavy so as not to fall down. BACK

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