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Taiwan wedding photography culture's influence on the Mainland

Wedding photography with a camera to capture the beauty, into eternity moment, as the originator of the wedding photography industry Taiwan, mainland wedding photography style has attracted a new look.
Can't say that traditional Chinese is no wedding photography, wedding photos of Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Soong Mei-ling, is one of the representatives. But for a long time, South of wedding photography is the pattern, about 3, 4 the bride wore white, long gowns and groom hung or neatly-indoor photo, even if rare.
Meanwhile, early wedding and makeup boutique and is separate, the bride must first go to the hair salon hair and make up, and then go to the Studio Photography, creative wedding styling and pretty limited, almost the same.
20th century in 70 's and 80 's the situation in Taiwan first appeared to change, both inside and outside vendors to develop integrated make-up, dress, landscape, photo albums, mounted one-stop operation mode, to offering full-service wedding pictures and photography ever-changing, creating a dream-like scenarios, so that each couple breaths.
With city to reform, economic development brings upgrade material and spiritual life of space, for Taiwan wedding photography industry who in city cast fist prepared completed has fertile of soil, once was put Taiwan mature of professional technical introduced, soon on can grab new of eyes, alternative traditional of old mode, then Wei for fashion, in the 1990 of the 20th century in Beijing landing of "Paris" and "love set romance" is leader.
"Love set romance" of head Du Wanglong and Huang, graduated Yu Taiwan art college, Yu 1992 to city participate in Central art college held of on both sides of prints art exhibition Shi, think Taiwan wedding market has near saturated, city also almost desert, should can ran out a days, so in 1994 and 95 to city around study, last decided select Beijing Wangfujing, Yu 1996 created first home store shop.
Today, the "set colors" in Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Jiangsu, opened more than more than 10 stores, Taiwan has the largest stores in the Mainland's wedding photography company, head office moved to Central in the Wangfujing Street renovation.
After more than 10 years of development, the "set colors" together with other Taiwan company, has managed to turn Taiwan's wedding photo mode transplanted to the city. Xidan in Beijing's busiest areas, a series of wedding dress shop, the steady stream of newcomers, indicating Taiwan's wedding photography has roots in mainland China, it formed. Including "set colors", "Paris", "New York", "Swarovski", "Julia", "Figaro", "Paris" and other groups from Taiwan's bridal shop in Beijing without the industry's turbulent land.
Du Wanglong said, "love set romance" can in city hacked, "by by of is advanced of technology, and new of business mode and concept, build quality upper, and reputation reliable of first-class brand, to service, and customer first of purposes won general new of certainly, heart business, heart service, heart created, heart shooting, heart summary, is this 13 years to accumulated of experience. "
Huang pointed out that, wedding photography not just a commercial behavior or technology, it actually is a culture, to "thoughtful" for heritage, provides meet human retain cherished time general psychological of aesthetics works, promoted wedding from "photography" to "photography", from "dispensable" to "has", again from "has" to "must to has" of metamorphosis, formed wedding culture of important a ring, effect quite huge. Meanwhile, development on the impact of the Beijing Museum of traditional photography with certain destruction, can stay almost always experience a rebirth.
However, after more than 10 years of development, wedding photography in Beijing now is facing more and more intense competition, increasing on the one hand, on the other hand the one-child restriction tourist growth, while the newly popular "children's photography", "personalized Photography Studio", in a trendy way to attract fashion and free young people's attention. Plus many foreign wedding vendors actively into the mainland market, as Korea's wedding industry, with hyper-realistic photography, emphasizing the unique character and innovative lighting style, all Taiwan wedding dress makers form important challenges.
Faced with this situation, Du Wanglong pointed out that future Taiwan wedding industry on the Mainland is bound to individualized and refined, sophisticated, meticulous, stylish direction, can we remain invincible.
About fashion, individuality, Huang further analyses. He said that Beijing now went into the studios to the new, are no longer content to have beautiful mountains or what was left of the old city wall as a backdrop, but asked "do you have any special". To this end, the wedding industry is designed with all kinds of "themes" enhance a wedding photo of "sex" and "plasticity", to meet the demand.
However, despite Taiwan for city of wedding photography culture development has so big of effect, but Taiwan development has more than 20 years of mode, city 7, and 8 years on catch up has, and also has beyond of potential, while city photographer of work attitude also has above Taiwan of tendencies, industry who must constantly diligence, enhanced management of continued force and photography of innovation force, or inevitably has advance is of worries.

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