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Perfect wedding photography shots of 8

Perfect wedding photography shots of 8
1. Art: art is not a form of "model", "form", innovation in the arts and individualized. Identical art refuse cookie, deny, deny, stylized. To focus on select has its own artistic wedding photographers.
2. Practical: service is not included in the package, but is fine. When you select a photo, a bit less vanity and more pragmatism and don't be businessmen by the many flashy gifts go to your head;
3. Credentials: Wedding Photo Studio is not a training ground, "the photographer" in the title is not everyone can play. Photographer's seniority is accumulated, accumulated year after year;
4. Brand: wedding photography is used for "look", the credibility needed someone "say", consumer word of mouth is very important. When choosing a Studio to listen, read, rather than listening to the store and egos;
5. Price: choose your package is the best, no need to blindly in the price. For now, "high quality and low price" in Texas, wedding photography and this line does not apply, it is recommended that there are thousands of studios to think carefully about.
6. Technology: in addition to having excellent photographic equipment outside, photographers, makeup artists skills are determinant of photo quality; for example, friendship of makeup is old, make-up also belong to the traditional family, is the best choice for traditional MM; New York, New York makeup is more stylish, more personality, like fashionable MM may wish to take it as a reference.
7. Quality: the pitfalls of wedding photography is not price, but "quality" when choosing a Studio, not just to care about the price of, and ignore the actual quality of the photos; the proposals refer to the fifth.
8. Equipment: do not think that as long as the camera is able to take a good photo. High quality photographic equipment is taken out of the basic precondition of high quality photos; BACK

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