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Memorable personalized wedding photography, wedding photography studio with a series of innovative and creative, and bring new people and unforgettable moments and eternity.
Old movies: playback design plot love
From understanding to know each other, from love to matrimony, took out a set of wedding photography in the movie way, making them more closely, more narrative. Say they often text links, you can design a plot, texting, soft like, sweet received text messages, then a cell phone photo and so on. Or plots to beautify life, and into the wedding. Wedding Photography Studio said that in the process of shooting, the photographer must focus on interactions with guests, rather than simply pose.
The old sense: move your imagination
Beach walk on two feet, also has a long two sets of footprints behind, meaning two people's love has no end; wearing wedding dresses of the two hands tightly held, and shiny wedding ring; in a beautiful garden, a man and a woman and two feet ... ... Leave the body language of local people is rich in imagination. We can imagine the sweet ... ... Romantic, cozy atmosphere revealed! Overall, in a group of photos, there are one or two local photo seem special.
Place: from the "love" return to love
Meeting for the first time, the first hand ... ... All couples have special memorable place. In high school, if you are know, went back to the library, cafeteria, classrooms, basketball court ... ... When you look at these photos again when the special silver wedding, you can still think of the past. Comparison with traditional wedding choose Studio or foreign location shooting, this design is very attractive. Dating can be designed in Internet chat scene; known in the Metro you can choose in the subway shooting.
New images: nude makeup short more fashionable princess dress
"If it was shot personalized wedding, we are likely to work with scenes nude makeup. Bride's hair does not have to, as long as the casual wear can be a veil, long hair fluttering feeling is very good. "Mr Zhang said. Dress, suit, long-tail wedding dress seemed to have become required elements of the wedding, and personalized wedding was not necessarily the case. In order to restore the fairy tale romance, wedding dresses you can choose short princess dress like Barbie, lively and romantic. Groom may also choose jeans and sport shoes, cool and stylish. BACK

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