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Franchise training

brand strength
Has the first high-end on-location wedding photography in Southern institutions history and experience; "jiaxing's top ten wedding photography studio"; just 5 years since its establishment, by virtue of their keen sense of touch and grasp of the pulse of the rhythm, we've gone from a small personal photographic workshop quickly developed into an elite team of professionals has more than hundred men. "Careful, attentive service attitude of active, passionate creativity; harsh, difficult aesthetic" lays a high-end wedding photography brand position within our industry. A good reputation as well as personalized customer resource management bring a steady flow of steady customers.
Covers an area of 2000 square spreading Visual reception centres throughout the country every year for nearly 5,000 from around the country to provide customers with high quality services. Its several branches and bodies of branch cooperation has opened, comprehensive coverage, elements of style shoot, will provide more convenience for customers all over the country, and more, updated Visual choices. At the same time, we have established the first post production center in southern, as well as training bases, we will open, providing professional and technical training for people inside and outside of the industry, we continue to cultivate a new outpouring of wisdom and the blood will improve and drive vision towards more specialized, high-end brand of wedding photography.
Join the programme
Trademark licenses ("spread the vision" trademark right)
Free award brands to join the bronze piece
Spread the vision granted the franchise authorization
Provides samples for free
Provides the concept of shop in shop manual for a
Spread Guide
Training programme at Headquarters, a sound evaluation system to improve the review results, for your peace of mind easy.
Later domestic first-class post-production center to provide product support. (Including digital design and layout; album and photo frame card technology; innovative product technology, etc).
Cost price provides a variety of products to assist the procurement channels
Provided hundreds of thousands of the VI design, uniform corporate image.
Regional protection
Headquarters the same brand may not join area to join, effective protection of legitimate interests in the franchise.
Senior direct communication window docking, timely and targeted.
Advantages of joining
A) location resources
Guangdong Province climate all year round, we developed a number of exclusive location shooting line, and keep the quarterly has launched a new line records, to provide customers with a steady stream of film elements. Franchisee can make use of resource sharing and developing the location for their wedding base, enhance competition power.
B) marketing
In addition to spreading the vision itself a good corporate reputation, reputation, Headquarters each year to spend hundreds of thousands of marketing budgets. Including the major search engines, major information portal regularly advertising and sponsorship forms to expand and enhance the brand value and influence, pervasive market information communicated will quickly upgrade the corporate visibility.
C) late
We have established the first post production center in southern, as well as training bases, we will open, providing professional and technical training for people inside and outside of the industry, we continue to cultivate a new outpouring of wisdom and the blood will improve and drive vision towards more specialized, high-end brand of wedding photography.
D) standardized management system
We will provide value to store hundreds of thousands of the VI design, VI system in particular, is to pool our experience over the years, national Studio for first. We'll store offers a full range of vision systems, reduce the upfront investment of stores! Unified Enterprise VI system, makes your unique corporate image, more distinct; integration of business rules management systems, makes your business law Guide. Provide powerful network platform support information quickly into the hands of customers.
E) technical support
We according to the actual store, targeted staff training plan developed a detailed, systematic, targeted technical training, to improve the quality of personnel and technology, lay a good foundation for success. All trainees will achieve the highest technical and docking Windows, and high efficiency.
F) image
1) uniform outdoor advertising design and production
2) unified storefront design and production of light boxes
3) unified network to promote design
4) uniform theme poster design and production
5) unified POP poster design and production of
6) unified communication system design and production of
G) regional exclusive brand license
Regional protection as a store brand, is very important, especially in times of high competition. In order to guarantee the vital interests of each store, we implement a regional exclusive licensing system. That authorized only one store in every city, fully protect the interests of each franchisee! And they have been infringed when legal aid. Who meet the company's franchise stores of the standardization requirements, we will provide proof of authority.
H) enterprise on a regular basis to maintain
Choose a good brand to join is important, stable and orderly security was also necessary in the late, we owned franchisee enterprises on a regular basis to maintain and ensure top management direct communication window docking.
1) technical training of not less than three times a year. (Join free allocation of time on)
2) not less than once in each year of the employee interaction. (Join can be based on profit for the year to allocate part of the funds as an active welfare benefits)
3) marketing program of not less than six times per year. (According to different time periods, plan marketing programs)
4) not less than once in each year's real shop guide, check. (Spread by top management of Visual field guide)
A) franchisee enquiry Gets
B) join the booking request
C) joined the Department of the company Manager
D) field
E) for business analysis and store assessment
F) sign the franchise contract and pay to join Golden
G) shop decoration, design and shop layout
H) vocational education and training, and open preparatory work before
I) overall marketing strategy and campaign
J) operating
Join qualification
A) have independent legal personality
B) independently operated sites
C) have a strong entrepreneurial heart
D) has the ability of management and managerial
F) has a very good team
G) innovation, perseverance
H) have good communication and coordination skills
I) have excellent ability to learn
Technical training
We have established a unified post-production center in southern China, as well as training bases,
We will open, providing professional and technical training for people inside and outside of the industry.
The main target audience: all medium and large Studio technicians and related basic technical staff.
A) photography training
Spread the vision has a strong photographic team, we recruit from all over the country through strict screening,
Evaluation and training of the crew, every Member of the team of photographers with professional photography,
Concept of fashion photography, the depth the aesthetic orientation of cooperation and team spirit.
Under such an atmosphere, stimulate and promote the exchange of trainers.
B) training in the late
Spreading Visual creative color control system color handling, and will without reservation to train trainers.
Directly guided by a spread of Visual post production supervisor on site.
After the training, the spread of Visual tutorials will provide free color processing system.
C) make-up training
The season's most popular makeup, most fashion modeling,
Our design team will spare no effort to study and practice, and
According to our view of Asia's unique colour and five features
Professional makeup techniques combined with popular elements of the world changes every year,
For the creation of a suitable image of the Chinese people with a sense of fashion and continuous efforts.

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