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Polaroid wedding photography company founded in 2000 in jiaxing in jiaxing and was founded as early as in southern China, the largest and strongest Professional on-location wedding photography services. We is location wedding shooting line of pioneers, first development has province within dozens of article location essence line, and keep jiaxing wedding photography, and jiaxing wedding photography work room, and jiaxing took wedding, and jiaxing personality photo, and jiaxing wedding photography which home good, and jiaxing personality wedding photography, and jiaxing best of wedding photography each quarter launched new line of records, for we of customer provides stream of location shooting elements.

jiaxing city, headquartered in leading innovation and Technology Park-Tian an Cyber Park, Futian District,, with 1000 square feet of gorgeous reception centres, as well as independent fashion Interiors Studio 2000 square, full of high-end, personalized facilities, will provide customers with attentive personal service. In 2010, will spread is rapid visual development in a year, its number of branches and branches will be opened in all standard size image store are more than 500-1000 square, comprehensive coverage, elements of style shoot, will provide more convenience for customers all over the country, and more, updated Visual choices.

spread the vision also works closely with several wedding services, committed to creating a one-stop wedding services for high-end convenience brand. We have a skill for young creative team, with the advantage of local natural resources and human resources, within 5 years since its establishment, by virtue of their keen sense of touch and grasp of the pulse of the rhythm, we've gone from a small personal photographic workshop quickly developed into an elite team of professionals has more than hundred men. In 2008 was named the "top ten wedding photography studio in jiaxing" title, and top position.

"careful, attentive service attitude of active, passionate creativity; harsh, difficult aesthetic. "Will guide our continuous accumulation and precipitation. On the management system of enterprise culture, creating competition within the company, auto filter, inspiring, and self-improvement. At the same time, we have established the first post production center in southern, as well as training bases, we will open, providing professional and technical training for people inside and outside of the industry, we continue to cultivate a new outpouring of wisdom and the blood will improve and drive vision towards more specialized, high-end brand of wedding photography.

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